JUSU Body – Green Skincare


I love food trends (ie: juicing) as much as I love skincare and this brand combines the two! JUSU was originally a juice bar. They searched for a better way to reduce waste and came to the realization that the pulp from their organic, cold-pressed juices was a nutrient gold mine. They could infuse it into skincare! JUSU body started in 2016, with pure, organic juice pulp-infused and plant-based skincare products to protect you AND the environment. I have used all of their products daily for the past (4) months and I am 100% out of stock over here. Here are what I’m loving:

Lime Chamomile Face Cleanser
Bentonite clay, White Willow Bark and Lavender essential oil prevent acne-causing bacteria and absorb excess oil to reveal healthy, clear skin.

Coconut Lime Face Cream
So creamy. Balancing for skin. I apply this before makeup and it sets it perfectly. Zinc and chamomile work to reduce redness and minimize breakouts. Skin-friendly jojoba and olive oils soften and clear blocked pores, while herbs like white willow bark ease inflammation. Includes a touch of Manuka honey and kale.

Lime Chamomile Face Scrub
Uplifting lime boasts natural antibacterial properties as chamomile calms, reduces redness and heals your skin. Superfood ingredients – spinach, celery, parsley, rosemary.

Coconut Lime Night Oil
Organic cold-pressed oils such as jojoba, tamanu and blue tansy have been carefully selected for their healing, antimicrobial and detoxification properties. Redness, inflammation and breakouts are reduced with this detoxifying face oil. Use daily, ideally in the evening for a balanced, clear and healthy complexion. I like to use this at night after a good face mask. It’s packed with calming essential oils.


I am absolutely speechless by this product line. I love their ingredient list. No yucky junk, pure fruits and vegetables mixed in. This is one of the best natural product lines I have ever used in all my years of blogging. From the packaging to the benefits, I can’t get enough of their line. Equally as important, my skin loves it too! Using these products plus drinking my collagen each day, really made a huge difference with my skin. There’s literally 20 other things I’m dreaming of trying on their website right now. And scrolling their site, I just realized…they have a line of BABY skincare too! I’ve also got my eye on their Green Tea Rose Cream and Honey Shea Hair Treatment. I ‘m excited to follow this brand’s journey to see what new, juicy items they blend up!



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