Valentia Skincare


Valentia Skincare was founded by Jamie Mora. Jamie explains that most “natural” and organic skincare lines harbor questionable synthetic ingredients that can negatively impact your skin and your health. Your skin is your largest organ, and what you on put it affects your whole body. That’s why Valentia set out to create the world’s cleanest skincare line using natural and organic ingredients in their purest, boldest form, raising the bar for what’s possible. With Valentia, you can choose beauty that is mindful and conscious, reinforces your well-being, and reinvigorates your spirit.
{Magnesium Oil} – Magnesium is one of my favorite skincare ingredients and this big spray is my “go to.” Harvested from natural minerals found in the Ancient Zechstein Seabed that have been purified and condensed for over 250 million years. This ultra-pure magnesium chloride is drawn from approximately two miles beneath the surface of the earth so that you can effectively promote healthy magnesium levels in the body and feel your ultimate best. I spray this on the bottoms of my feet and socks. I also use it right before “savasana” in yoga – namaste!

{Lavender Oil} – Can I scream how much I love the size of this jar?! Adios little tiny essential oil jars. This is what I’m talking about! From the person who goes through a mini jar of essential oils/week (or more) the size is much appreciated. Light and luxurious, Valentia Lavender Essential Oil is completely natural and steam-distilled in small batches for freshness.

{Eye Cream} – You never know the importance of a good eye cream until you hit 30+. A smart blend of soothing, active botanicals come together in this revolutionary formula featuring powerful bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) and botanical hyaluronic acid to help fill in wrinkles, lighten dark circles, and give the appearance of bright, plump, awakened skin.

All of my current favorites below, including the Valentia 🙂





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