Noah’s Noodles Review


Looking for a healthy “on the go” soup option (cough, cough, move over Instant sodium-infused Ramen)?! Look no further!

Eat enough instant ramen noodles and you’re on your way to high blood pressure, circulatory issues, and lousy digestive health and, at the very least, some potential for weight gain.

Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese pho is based in Houston – and they create jobs by packaging our product locally! They create fantastic and delicious pho-based soups with less sodium and no yucky ingredients. My favorite variety is their chicken. Nothing to Hide in their Ingredients: Rice Noodles (rice flour, tapioca starch, water), Natural Flavors, Avocado Oil, Dried Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Spices, Organic Sugar, Organic Spices, Sea Salt. 5/5 stars!



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