Natural Charcoal Teeth Whiteners…without the mess!


All Dr. Brite products are created in small batches in sunny and eco-friendly Southern California to capture their peak efficacy. Their Mint Mouthwash is my absolute favorite and it doesn’t leave that alochol burn that all the other OTC whitening products have.

Their ingredient list is: Coconut oil, aloe vera & vitamin C to soothe & nourish gums while activated charcoal & sea salt give your mouth a healthy detox.

šŸ° Cruelty Free
šŸŒ¾ Gluten Free
šŸ§Ŗ Paraben Free
šŸ§« Non-GMO
šŸŒ€ Phthalate Free
āœØ Sulfate Free

Try out their teeth whitening pens for an effortless way to keep your smile sparkling and white:



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