HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

Arthritis? Sciatica? Or just need a full wellness reset? With less access to chiropractors and spas, it’s crucial to remain active and stretch on a daily basis. This mat from Homedics is the perfect fix to stay motivated! This mat has air pockets that puff up. It works even better if you practice breathing and mirror your breath with each movement of the mat.

The mat folds up very easily, making storage a breeze and set up time minimal. There are various intensity levels and (4) modes:?twist, flow, energize and stretch.

HoMedics offers one of the most extensive lines of massage cushions, including Shiatsu and vibration technology. The precision-controlled air chambers go beyond a normal fitness mat to technologically relieve aches and improve flexibility, making this a great choice for anyone with their health in mind. It’s a must-have this winter!


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