Sol-ti CROWN SuperShot is packed with immune-boosting ingredients!

Sol-ti crafts organic, healthy beverages in mini glass bottles that are tempting to save and reuse. Glass containers are the best for purity, people and the planet. Responding to the increased demand for immune-boosting drinks, they created a CROWN supershot. Made with Fresh-Pressed Raspberry, Lemon, and Apple, this SuperShot is Rich in Vitamins, Nutrients and incredibly delicious.

Check out the full rundown of the CROWN SuperShot ingredients:
Zinc::: regulates the immune system
Quinine::: helps to transport zinc
Vitamins C &D::: repairs body tissue
Raspberry::: rich in antioxidants & Vitamin C
Lemon::: alkalizes, cleanses and purifies
Ginger::: lung support, digestive aid

The full product lineup from Sol-ti includes hemp-infused supershots + teas, nourishment cleanses and even an energy aid. Their organic produce is pressed into a pulp (no oxidation or flavor loss) and is than UV filtered. The use of UV light allows them to package in the glass containers. When you open up a bottle of their juice, this is the first time the product touches the air since being produced.


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