RifRaf Ricotta Cups – a 10g protein snack!

Ricotta cheese is incredibly underrated and versatile. The airy, creamy texture makes it perfect for BOTH sweet and/or savory recipes and desserts. Crunchy ricotta toast + figs + honey is a staple dessert (or snack) on The Mediterranean Diet. And finally…a company has brought delicious ricotta to life in a healthy snack cup form. RifRaf created a tasty combo of cool, creamy ricotta cups that are one part cheese and one part unexpectedly delicious flavor. These are a fantastic replacement snack for the afternoon slump when you’re reaching for something savory or sweet.

– No artificial ingredients
– 10g of protein per ricotta cup
– Made with milk from grassfed cows
– Eat plain with a spoon, spread on ricotta toast, or add some RifRaf flavor to your favorite recipes.
– An easy, keto-friendly, low carb snack to take on the go

The strawberry balsamic is the perfect blend of syrupy, balsamic strawberries and ricotta. Added bonus – you’ll stay full for hours and cut out the desire to do more snacking (unless it’s another ricotta cup, it will be hard to not go for a second one). Other flavors right now include wildflower honey, serrano pepper, meyer lemon and sundried tomato. You can purchase directly on their website and they are shipped icy cold in perfect condition.