HUM Nutrition Review

Besides the grocery store, my next favorite place to shop is Sephora! I recently came across all these 5-star reviews for a product line they sell called “HUM Nutrition.” I was intrigued by their vitamins called “Red Carpet”  and the “3-Day Cleanse.”

  • Red Carpet vitamins for skin and hair. My hair is taking forever to grow! After bleaching, highlighting, flat ironing, I’ve done some serious damage. I read the other reviews for hair vitamins online, but HUM always had the best feedback. Red Carpet is a mix of black currant, sunflower seeds, vitamin E, GLA and ALA. I wanted to use it for a full month before giving an honest review. I took it daily and drank tons of water. After two weeks, I noticed a difference! My hair was thicker, shinier and grew a little bit. My skin was glowing and even, I didn’t need to use as much under eye concealer. I would highly recommend these vitamins, at $25 the price point is reasonable compared to all the stuff they try to upsell you on at certain health food stores. This has become part of my daily routine, now the only problem is that I have to buy more!!

  • 3-Day Cleanse: Honestly, I put off using this for a bit because I kept making excuses (ie: “I can’t take it today bc I’m having pizza and than what’s the point of doing a cleanse?”) I finally committed to it and decided to spend 3 days being healthy. For me that’s a big accomplishment 🙂 This promises a lot: flatter stomach, full body detox, clearer skin. At $12, why not?! It comes with little vitamin packs (2 between meals, 2 before…it took me a minute to figure out which were which). It contains a combo of detoxifying herbs like red clover, dandelion root, milk thistle and chorella. These all help to remove toxins from the skin and body. The “flatter me” capsule has 18 enzymes that support better digestion and eliminate bloat. In addition to taking the capsules, you should eat clean while on the program: raw foods, lean protein, avocado, coconut and avoid sugar and flours. I was eating a lot of sweets this winter and carbs, so this was very necessary to get back on track again. I wasn’t hungry doing this (best part) and I did lose 4lbs! In combination with a healthy diet and exercise this is a great addition! One thing about eating bad, you start to feel like absolute crap after doing it for too long! This cleanse made me feel like I had a fresh start again. I will be buying more this week!!

If you go to  Hum Quiz you can take a quick little quiz on the Hum Nutrition website and get a free, personalized health report. I love that they offer this!! Also, they were nice enough to provide me with a coupon code for everyone reading this!! Woohoo!! If you spend $29.95, you get $10 off your first order with the code HUM10 on Hum Nutrition What are you waiting for ladies?! Happy shopping 😉 xoxo


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