Health Benefits of Salt – Hawaiian, Epsom, Himalayan + my favorite salt-infused products! 

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again that salt is bad for your health. However, I’m here today to change how you’re used to thinking of salt and outline just a few of the fabulous benefits. With spring right around the corner, allergy season is about to be in full effect! It’s important to take the time to treat yourself and enjoy the little things that make us feel healthier: 

Hawaiian aka “Kauai” Salt: Contains less sodium chloride than regular ‘table salt.’ Salt ponds on the western side of the Hawaiian island Kauai are an ancient harvesting area. Field trip?! Contains iron oxide, a beneficial nutrient. A fantastic salt for cooking.


Epsom Salt
: The primary and most well-known purpose of Epsom salt is for detoxification. Naturally occurring magnesium and sulfates make it different than other salts. Also helps to soothe tired muscles and the detox aspect is a great weight loss aid!

Pink Himalayan Salt: Helps to balance electrolytes, increases hydration, regulates water content in cells, balances pH, aids in metabolism, strengthens bones and lowers blood pressure.
Here are my favorite ways to incorporate salt into my daily routine: 


So Well White Himalayan Salt Crystal Light:
Fresh ocean breeze, white sandy beaches…this white Himalayan salt light replicates the effects of a walk on the beach. All products from So Well are hand chiseled from a large, solid piece of salt crystal. Salt lights embed negative ions and calm and focus your mind, boost y our immune system, improve respiratory function and provide a deeper, restful sleep. Negative ions are invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments (ex: beaches, mountains, waterfalls). Once they reach our bloodstream, they produce amazing chemical reactions that help with stress and overall energy levels. This has a soothing dimmer and along with the perfect book, is the ultimate essential for unwinding. There is so much more information on their website about the benefits of this gorgeous lighting: So Well


Barr Co Honeysuckle Bath Soak:
Contains a bix mix of mineral salts, Vitamin E and fragrance oil. Relieves stress, muscle aches and joint pain almost instantly! The salts are made in small batches and contain 99.5% all natural ingredients. This is the perfect spring scent – sweet honeysuckle mixed with fresh snipped grass. Barr Co Bath Salts


Kula to Ku’Au Maui Healing Coconut Milk Bath Soak AKA your cheapest ticket to Hawaii: A dreamy, tropical blend of Coconut, aloe, pineapple, triple salt blend (Pink, Hawaiian, Epsom) vanilla, rice flour and orange. Ships fresh from Hawaii to your home – pure sunshine and positive energy in the form of a skincare product. All of their products are inspired by Maui’s healing botanicals – eucalyptus, lavender flowers and the coconut lined shores. The packaging alone makes me dream of Hawaii’s crisp, sparkling rivers and balmy palm tree beaches. Ah, pure relaxation. I used one whole packet and the scent is subtle and not overpowering. I feel like a lot of the artificial products out there are too overpowering and go crazy with the scents and additives. This is a gentle and effective product that makes me feel like I received a taste of the tropics minus the expensive plane ticket – Kula to Kuau Maui

Beauty by Earth’s Bath Bombs: complete and total bath oasis! The top ingredients on these bath bombs include Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt. The Just Relax and Detox are my personal fav! The salts are combined with natural clay, butters, petals and essential oils. Once the start to fizz, the oils are released to create an in-home spa like experience. They come individually wrapped and would make a great gift! I love the earthy-chic packaging. Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs


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