:: Summer Spa Skincare with Butter Elixir ::

I’ve mentioned Butter Elixir before and I’m still a huge supporter. I recently stocked up on their full line. In the summer months, I like to put away my hair dryer (switch to a hair oil and air dry) and mix my foundation with a high quality face oil. My Pranamat which I talked about back in 2015 is still my favorite exercise-related product ever, I’ve been using it a lot this summer. That plus this relaxing line from Butter = the ultimate way to unwind! Forget spending hundreds at a salon or spa, this is even better – and lasts longer!

{x} Butter Lip Balm ::: Cardamom and vanilla, beeswax and argan oil all combine for a smooth balm. I also use this on my cuticles to keep my nails moisturized with all of the humid beach weather. 

{x} Butter Face Oil :: This is nearly gone! Apricot, rose and argan – your skin will improve with continued use. It’s a huge myth that oils will make your skin break out. They actually do the complete opposite and work at calming the most sensitive skin types. I use it a few different ways:

Oil cleanser:: Take a dime-sized ammount, massage into your skin, use a hot towel to steam your face (about one minute or until the towel becomes room temp) and rinse off or use a makeup removing cloth. 

Mixed with foundation:: use a small drop mixed with your foundation to create a lighter and moisturizing formula

Night moisturizer:: apply at night to wake up with glowing skin 

{x} Body + Hair Oil I looooooove aromatherapy products so this is right up my alley, hydrating for your mind AND your body! No fake perfumery scent and unneccasary chemicals. Pure argan, almond, lavender and chamomile oils. I use this before yoga to get in the whole focused, relaxed mindset. This product lives up to the Butter mantra that “nature is potent.” I used to wear a lot of different perfumes but after learning about all the yucky ingredients I’ve tossed them for better quality Ayurvedic options. I use this in my hair as a hot oil treatment or before air drying to add moisture and strength. Savasana and this oil are the absolute best!!


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