Higher Dose Sauna Blanket Review

Sweating rids the body of excess sodium and other unwanted substances. It also helps eliminate certain toxins and by doing so can take some of the workload off the liver and kidneys. Many medical articles recommend regular visits to saunas or steam rooms to patients with liver or kidney disease. The perfect solution to visiting a sauna is (drum roll) the ever popular Higher Dose sauna blanket. The price tag is hefty, but if this is something you commit to using on a daily basis, the cost over time is less than joining an expensive gym, installing a true sauna OR the frustration of buying one of those $99 stand up saunas on Amazon (those work efficiently BTW but are a complete eye sore and impossible to take down and put up again).

Higher Dose is an infrared sauna::: an infrared sauna uses the light to create heat. In traditional saunas, water is heated by stones or a stove to create steam. The steam warms and humidifies the entire room. Infrared is able to provide the same benefits as a traditional sauna, but at a much lower temperature. People who are unable to tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna usually do better with an infrared product.

Key Benefits:
– Detoxification
– Boosts the immune system
– Calms the nervous system
– Speeds up metabolism
– Helps to alleviate chronic pain (ie: sciatica, back and muscle pain)
– Boosts collagen
– Enhances circulation
– Purifies skin (your skin will be GLOWING after using this)
– Promotes cellular health
Whether or not the Higher Dose blanket truly checks all of the boxes above from scientific standpoint (always consult your medical professional first), using the blanket allows for (1) full hour to meditate, listen to an audio book or music and feel better.

Did you just purchase a blanket OR considering purchasing?!

Here is the perfect Higher Dose Routine:

(1) Hydrate before using – drink water and/or herbal tea starting several hours before using the blanket so you’re very hydrated. Optional (but this helps if you’re going to exercise after using the blanket) – drink one black coffee or espresso before starting the session. If you’re using the blanket at night, take a drop of CBD oil.

(2) Pick audible books or a podcast – this is the perfect time to catch up on reading/listening

(3) Preheat tasks (during the 10 mins. for the blanket to preheat): apply a face mask, hair oil and braid your hair to lock in the oil + keep it out of the way

(4) Create comfort – place a yoga mat under the outside of the blanket, towel on the bottom inside

(5) Yoga Sequence – immediately after using the blanket, hydrate and do the following yoga sequence to get a full workout:

Daily yoga sequence

(6) CBD oil – after using Higher Dose and exercising, use your favorite scrubs/body wash than apply a CBD based moisturizer. The holy grail is from Hempz, and it comes in a big variety of scents. 100% pure hemp seed oil helps protect skin with omega fatty acids & lock in moisture and CBD works to calm inflammation (if you can’t decide, start off with getting the eucalyptus – or go for all of them!


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