Borba Skincare Haul + My Very Honest Skin Story

Borba Skincare Haul + My Skin Story

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Bad skin is an exhausting cycle. If you’ve had clear skin your entire life – you probably think that sounds dramatic.  It’s hurtful and if you’re going through it right now…if nobody else is telling you you’re beautiful, you’re worthy…I am! I know how it feels to have bad skin. I hate when I see commercials for celeb-endorsed products and they try to convince you how painful acne is when they have a few break outs from eating a pack of chips one day. I know what it feels like…not wanting to go to school, an interview or anywhere with bright lights that expose your acne even further. It’s made me cry, it’s killed my confidence at times and I am not embarrassed to talk about it because I know at least one person reading this can relate. I spent days (years) of having to cover my face behind pounds of makeup.  Even to this day, if my skin is a little on the rough side, I don’t feel like being filmed. I visited dermatologists that were quick to write a prescription for Differin or other topical creams that (for me) didn’t work at all. For years, I even started tanning just to get rid of it. I know, I know. It ended up making my acne scars worse. On top of that, I had to hear the lovely comments from curious (ignorant) people.

Do any of these sound familiar to you guys?

– You’d be really pretty if…you didn’t have acne everywhere.
– Why do you wear so much makeup? It looks ridiculous if you ask me.
– Did you ever consider seeing a dermatologist? Your skin is really bad.
– Why does your skin look like that?
– Wow. What happened to your face?
– You should wash your face more.
– You know you have acne, right?
It’s all good because our curious friends above have to live with that attitude the rest of their life, but your skin has the chance of clearing up! I’m 27 now and my skin is just starting to calm down. It breaks out the most when I don’t do the simplest things: wear better-quality makeup (when I use cheaper stuff, forget it…my skin goes nuts. PS – MAC Mineralize is what works best for me, I know it’s not a makeup blog but just an FYI), exercise (brings oxygen to the pores, makes skin glow), drink 8 glasses of water/day (so simple, but just give it a try), eat well and use an exfoliating face wash and take vitamins. I LOVE the Borba line of skincare because they are founded on the idea that inner health = outer beauty. I couldn’t agree more! I love that + the fact that their products actually work for me in combination with my healthy routine. Here’s a list of my favorite Borba goodies:
– Skin Balance Crystalline Sampler Pack
– Skin Balance Gummi Bears
– Skin Balance Gummi Bear Boosters
– Clear Skin Capsules: #1 Favorite!
– Mighty Energy Gummi Mice

Please share your skin story with me in the comments section below (or on YouTube) – I would love to hear what has worked for you! Xo, CaitlinCooks



  1. Hi Caitlin. I relate to everything you mentioned above! Terrible 😦
    Ive been taking Spironolactone and it has cleared my skin up! From cystic acne that would pop up eveyday to a 90 percent improvement. 🙂
    Hopefully it continues this way. People with skin issues and problems are still beautiful no matter what. Its the people that can see past your skin that are worthy enough to be in your life.
    Many blessings, Corinna Alvarez 🙂

  2. Great post!
    I’m a Borba fan myself. I had the opposite problem. Super dry skin that was flaky.
    I read his book and it changed my life. I know that sounds silly but it truly did. His products are amazing.

  3. I can’t tell you how much you touched my heart with this post. You and I have the same history and I feel so honored that you took the time to write down your feelings and made yourself venerable. God bless you and I want to send you a set of your above listed products on me. You made my hard work worth it. This one post. Besos! Scott-Vincent BORBA

  4. Morning Caitlin,
    First of all, I would like to say what a beautiful, unique spelling of your name.
    Second of all, I may not have a bad case of acne, but I do know how it feel because I have a non contagious skin disease ( I add the non-contagious because it is non-contagious and when people hear skin disease they seem to back away) It mostly affects my neck, foot and different areas that may react at the moment. It leaves a bad scar. There is no cure only relieve. I have learned to live with it, though it took some time to get used to it. Can be annoying and tiresome at times too.
    Each and every one of us at one point in our life or another have had a case of acne. Just some people have a real bad case of it and they have to take medications or creams or something to help, and most of the time not even that helps like you said. We go through life looking for ways to relieve or cure our conditions.
    I don’t use much make-up, only lip gloss or lip balm and eye shadows. Usually I like to go natural on my face. Yes you do need to at least drink about 8 glasses of water, Some people don’t even drink one.Shakes my head. I have been taking vitamins for the past couple of years and they do help.
    I have also tried some of my dear friend, Scott’s products, like the Acai Crystalline, his water drinks and a few others (which also has vitamins). 🙂 He has an excellent line of products. I would recommend people to try some. And like Scott says, you need to start from within your body, so that you outer body can shine beautifully.
    And by the way Caitlin, were and still are very beautiful.
    Nice meeting you. Have a wonderful Monday morning and a great week. Take good care.

      1. Aaaww glad you liked my message Caitlin. Giggles I usually read post and blogs at nighttime. You are very welcome. I enjoyed reading your story as well. My dear friend Scott has a way of making me open up to the world, don’t know what it is. But I thank him for that. I usually keep to myself. Thank you, I hope yours goes beautifully. Take good care. Have a wonderful evening and night.

  5. I really appreciate this blog post..I can relate it to it 100%. I’ve had acne since 13 y.o…im now 22 and I still get breakouts + acne scars on my face. It is a huge struggle that some people don’t understand. I want to try borba products.

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