Healthy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Appetizer


Bringing a dish to a Thanksgiving celebration is a great idea but…if you don’t plan in advance,  it can be a nightmare! The stores (and the people) are downright insane. A simple, healthy appetizer and a bottle of wine are the perfect solution.

My Suggestion:
A slate chalkboard platter (you can find these everywhere today, I bought mine for only $9)
Red seedless grapes
Spicy olives & roasted peppers
Dried Cherries
Stilton Cranberry Cheese (a sweet/tangy blend that always appears in stores during the holiday season)
A colorful fall vegetable (purple cauliflower)
On the side, bring a box of crackers (I love the Dr. Kracker pumpkin seed ones)

Grab you’re wine and you are all set!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Xo


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