Christmas Gift Guide: Zingerman’s Weekender Gift Box


Zingerman’s AKA “the coolest small company in America” is the best online retailer for food gifts. They produce coffee, candy, bakery items, oils, the endless list of options is a food lovers dream! Or as Mario Batali says, Zingermans is “center of my gastro-deli universe.” Our President loves their Reuben sandwich. Oprah gives their sandwiches a rating of “11 on a scale of 1-5” Need I say more?! The only downside to their website is that there are so many options, you want to pick everything they offer!! My pick this year is “The Weekender” gift set. It comes packaged all fancy in a vibrant, cartoon colored box like above (with funny sayings on the box) and includes:




Some of the most perfect bread I’ve tried in quite some time. Crispy, crunchy crust and soft bready texture. Baked in the oven,  smeared with butter…I need nothing else but Zingermans artisan breads. I happened to try this when I had a cold and the ultimate comfort food when I’m sick is good bread & great soup. This bread and some chicken noodle soup, I was feeling a million times better after indulging. I will be ordering more of this bread very soon!!


Sour cream coffeecake. This is the most popular pastry they sell. Rich, moist and loaded with Indonesian cinnamon and toasted walnuts, baked in a traditional bundt pan. It’s very impressive and extremely delicious. The baby snatched a big piece and screamed when I tried to take the rest away, so it’s loved by all ages 😉


This set also includes peanut brittle, couple Brownies (Walnut-studded Magic Brownie and a Caramel Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownie), La Quercia’s Borsellino Salami, and a half pound of our Nor’easter Cabot Cheddar (those last two options go great with the bread). Some other great gift finds on their site that I plan to stock up on:


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