Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie | Healthy Version

I always switch up my breakfast smoothies but this is one I’ve been indulging in for the past week. For the YT video, I used fresh strawberries bc I forgot to pop them in the freezer and yes, let’s be honest…I’m impatient. So I’d definitely reccomend frozen strawberries, but if not just make sure your ingredients are all VERY cold. Don’t let any of them get to room temperature.

You’ll Need:

2C strawberries

3/4C almond milk

1tsp vanilla extract

2T cream cheese

2T strawberry yogurt

1T honey

1 graham cracker, crumbled as garnish

1 strawberry, to garnish

Make It:

1-Pour your almond milk in the blender first. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

2-Top with Graham cracker crumbs and a strawberry. Enjoy!


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