Beauty Review ~ DIY Gel Nail Polish with Red Carpet Manicure

Ah, Sunday’s. Not exactly my favorite day of the week. I’ve never been a fan of them. Something about them is so melancholy. The perfect day to treat yourself. I might be a little late on this trend, but after years of painting / repainting my nails only to have them chip on two days, I just stopped maintaining them. It became annoying. When I saw that Red Carpet Manicure lasts for 21 days, I finally jumped on the gel polish bandwagon! The kit comes with full instructions, polishes and the (super fun to use) drying light. 

In high school, I did my own acrylics (how in the hell did I have the patience for that!?) and I really thought this process would be just as tedious. Not at all! So it took me about 15 mins to paint and 10 for drying (the drying part is fun, it makes me feel like I’m at the salon without the ridiculous expense).

Now the only thing I’d do different next paint thinner coats. I was a little heavy with it so some areas bubbled up. But besides that, they came out glossy and posh.

Not too bad, what do you guys think?! I’m excited to try this as a pedicure and see if it lasts even throughout summer pool days. 


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