CBD Oil in Skincare – what’s the buzz?!

Quite possibly the biggest buzz in skincare for 2018 has been CBD Oil. It is 100% non psychoactive and has zero relationship to that type of buzz. Products infused with CBD oil are touted as reducing anxiety, depression, stimulating appetite, anti-acne properties and the list goes on! Celebrities are even carrying sprays of CBD oil in their purse for pain relief from those chic but painful red carpet heels. Skincare companies are absolutely hustling to get into this market right now. My favorite skincare company in the whole entire world – LUSH – even came out with a “Henna Fluff” hemp oil hair mask. Some argue it’s a placebo. My verdict is that if you think it helps and it forces you to do a little spa night at home and relax, by all means…enjoy. I suffer from PMDD and for this reason, I’m very interested in learning about the benefits and which products do in fact work. I’ve heard amazing things about Whoopi Goldberg’s line for PMDD (but this brand is only available medically). And major props to her for creating an all natural alternative for women who do not want to take medicine. AKA…hi, huge market – why are more people not creating alternatives?! Women represent such a big economic opportunity for businesses in this area, I don’t get the lack of products.

I tried skincare products from the Weekend Box and I expected tacky packaging and mediocre ingredients. Much to my surprise, a big POSH looking box arrived with embossed silver letters and skincare packaging to rival products sold in Sephora:

Bella Stress Relief Bath Salt made me feel super relaxed, this one was my favorite product. I had major aches and pains, a big scoop of this in a hot bath took that away within minutes.

If vaping CBD oil to receive the benefits is your thing, DaVinci makes an IQ vaporizer that can be used for pain management. This isn’t really my genre, but I’m told it’s the BEST one on the market.


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