Himalayan Salts from WestLab

The tiny grains of Himalayan Salt are abundant with minerals crucial for our health and wellness:

– Calcium
– Chloride
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Phosphorous
– Potassium
– Sodium

The right salt (not processed and bleached table salt) in the right amount is actually very good for you and can even help to balance blood sugar. Picture, this…the perfect crispy thin toasted ciabatta slice, a piece of fresh buffalo mozzarella, a big drizzle of olive oil and syrupy, sweet balsamic, thin strips of fresh basil chiffonade and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt. One of my favorite crunchy savory combinations. I never ate salt on top of fresh mozzarella until I went to Eataly NYC. They serve it this way on their antipasti platters and now I can’t have it without this collaboration. Fresh popcorn is another favorite  (insert video here), this video is older the steps are the same but I just use Himalayan salt instead. Roasted vegetables, soups / stews, bruschetta and even sprinkled on dark chocolate – I find myself reaching for it often in recipes.

I’ve mentioned before that I have PMDD and the muscle pain and exhaustion associated with that can be unbearable at times. The minerals and magnesium in Himalayan salt absorb in a bath and relax cramped muscles. The mineral combo also helps to draw out waste / toxins leaving you energized and increasing hydration. Most of the yoga classes I’ve taken have some form of a salt lamp and I keep one next to a reading table. I’ll be doing an entire post on PMDD (awareness month is April!) but Himalayan salt, yoga, a jade mat and 5HTTP and my top things that truly work for me as a remedy (after literally years of trying every product that exists). “Westlab” makes big, fragrant bags of Himalayan salt in all forms and for affordable prices. They’re also one of my favorite companies from the Natural Products Expo 2018.


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