Pistache Skincare

I love discovering skin care brands that you don’t typically see on prominent displays in Sephora and Ulta. The Pistache line is a hidden gem that I discovered from Marlena Stell’s “Monthly Obsessiosns.” And I’m sure you’ve seen it on my social media 10X’s over at this point, but it deserves its own post. Founder Sima Mostafavi is no newbie when it comes to pistachios. She’s a fourth generation pistachio grower and her family LOVES all things pistachio based.

This is up there with my Holy Grail Top 10 Skincare items…ever. I’m currently on my third jar of their Pistache body butter. Not convinced yet?! It was just recently “Tati approved.” The smell, the texture, the benefits, the non-greasy feel….I could go on forever. I love making almond cookies at Christmas and opening this up, it reminds me of every cookie I’ve ever baked with almond extract. A nutty pistachio, almond-extract scent replacing the boring days of your basic vanilla-scented lotions. The texture of a rich, whipped custard. I’ve tried out a few body butters made with ingredients that turn into this thick, gluestick like paste in the jar that takes forever to absorb and you end up using too much product. With the Pistache, it’s concentrated enough that you can use just a quarter sized amount. Though somehow, I still run out of it so quickly. The scent is perfect throughout the warmer months when you don’t want to be covered in perfume. Though somehow, I still run out of it so quickly. They use all natural ingredients:

– Pistachio Oil, rich in vitamins
– Soybeans
– Persian Silk Tree
– Moroccan Rose Oil (rose comes in as my #2 favorite scent/ingredient in skincare)
– French Lavender Oil

Their product line keeps growing and so far I’ve tried the moisturizer (10/10 this did WONDERS for my face redness/wrinkles, I would put this on than use a face steamer), the face serum, exfoliating clay cleanser, rose oil and my #1 tried and true that I keep using up – the Whipped Body Butter. Let me repeat that. Whipped Body Butter. Best product ever. Better than my tried and true favorite brand Lush (shocking I know!) literally #1 skincare product I have ever tried. No affiliate links, no paid sponsored post, none of that. Not trying to sell this product. It’s just not often that I find a “go to” since I’m always switching it up with skincare and I’ve tried hundreds of items over the years that are “good” but not something I would feel the need to continue to purchase over and over again.

This month, I tried their skincare oil and serum for the first time (and I think they have a body wash out now as well since Tati displayed it in her recent video). I’ve been using the hair oil each night as a leave in treatment. The Pistache oil plus my Halo vitamins and the hair is slowly but surely coming back to life (my shower drain will be grateful soon). I can’t explain what it is about this product, but it’s one of those items that you just need to keep stocking up on because you love it so much. I’m finding it’s rare that happens (I just went through 5 different foundations and the search still continues) so I hope Pistache makes this forever!


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