Gorilla Coffee – Cold Brew Pack


Website: http://www.gorillacoffee.com

“Cold Brew” is the hippest trend in coffee. Ground coffee beans are soaked in cold water for typically 12 hours (or more). The end product is rich and concentrated in flavor (just my style!) I decided to try my first cold brewed coffee from a shop in Brooklyn called “Gorilla Coffee.” Gorilla created the FIRST “to go” and ready to drink cold brewed variety. It’s a blend of two of their coffees: Rwanda Kigeyo and Brazil Pedra Roxa. It’s very smooth and has a strong, sweet molasses taste. I tried it straight from the carton and than tried it with ice, a dash of cream and sugar (my favorite way). Let me just tell you…the burst of energy I received from this coffee was much appreciated! I tried it after Noella had me up for nearly 24-hours. Coming from a sleep-deprived Mom of a newborn, if you need some energy and a pop of flavor…check this stuff out!


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