Genki Su


Apple cider vinegar is part of my daily routine. I usually add a bit to sparkling water or pineapple juice and drink before each meal. The benefits are endless:
– decreases muscle pain
– supports a healthy immune system
– aids in digestion & metabolism
– lowers high cholesterol
– aids weight loss
– lowers blood pressure
– increases energy
And if that’s not enough, I also use it in homemade face masks and as a toner to avoid acne. Genki-Su combines my apple cider vinegar with coconut vinegar, shiso, yuzu (tastes crisp), ginger-honey and nashi (asian pear). This is a nutritional powerhouse! The Genki Su creators are rockstars om Kickstarter (180% funded, holy wow!!!) Their products are inspired by their family recipe in Okinawa, Japan so their products are made from pure love and tradition. Genki-Su is now a staple in my pantry, check out their vinegars and tonics at




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