How to de-stress – create a Meditation Garden!

Paying bills, trying to save, working nonstop, caring for family – sound familiar? It’s easy to break under pressure. And it’s easy to feel like taking a “moment” to relax is a huge waste of time. Who has time to sit around and relax when there are so many achievements that need to be reached? Relaxing (as weird as it sounds) can be difficult to force yourself into. A new trend emerging is creating a “mediation garden” – a space where you can organize your thoughts clearly and enjoy a beautiful space filled with fresh flowers and inspiration. When creating your meditation garden, here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

– Keep it simple. Don’t overthink or over plan. Pick items that make you happy (your favorite tea, scents, books and flowers) I spend hours reading about competency modeling, scorecard metrics, ROI on human capital (don’t fall asleep) that outside of that, I need something lighter to read (ex: The Pizza Bible). Make sure you pick reading material that inspires you. Before I can do that though, I like to use some of my favorite products to unwind. Here are the goodies that inspire me to relax:


Acure Organics I’ve been using Acure for the past two years and always incorporate them in my skincare routine. I always use the leave in conditioner but lately I’m loving their daily oil-free moisturizer and Moroccan argan oil (you can even use this to steam your face and take off your makeup). It helps with aging skin and the rose geranium & lemongrass are calming. Acure Organics

SKII I’ve read a bunch about this toner (I heard about it from Daphne Oz) and it definitely lives up to the price tag. If your skin looks tired and washed out, this packs a punch that will revive it immediately. Everyone’s skin type responds to products differently, and for me this one really did fulfill all of the claims. I put this on in combination with the Acure Moroccan oil to layer up my skin with amazingness! SKII

Primally Pure I read how one of the most chemically dangerous products in your bathroom is deodorant. Why not use a safer alternative that works even better?! I discovered Primal Pastures deodorant uses coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax and essential oils.  Lemongrass and tea tree are my favorite scents. The only problem is that I went through them super quick and have to restock! They also make my favorite lip balm in mint (mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter)!

Osea Malibu anything reminiscent of the beach gets an A+ in my book! This company has a very strong relationship with the ocean as told in the beautiful family story on their website Osea Malibu – our family. Ingredients from the sea that contain healing properties are blended with essential oils. The  Ocean Cleanser smells like fresh squeezed tropical limes. It contains red algae and mineral salts. The Ocean Cleansing Mud keeps your skin fresh and clear, the peppermint adds a cooling effect perfect for this hot summer weather; the tea tree oil deep cleans. Blemish Balm gets rid of oil and shine by using Rosemary, Cypress and Juniper. Once I cleanse with Osea’s products, I can relax and enjoy my garden:

Lavender Eye Mask aka the best $5 I’ve ever spent. I’m sure you can find something similar online but I love that it’s handmade by a woman who makes honey and grows her own lavender plants (5,000 of them)! This can be frozen or heated up.

Majestic Home Goods Outdoor Bean Bag Lounger (Black Bamboo): First of all, I love Majestic Home Good because they have the best designs and sell a big variety of products on Amazon. This is basically a bean bag made for 2015 – lounger style! The inserts are eco-friendly and use recycled beads. Supportive and comfy, adds a chic pop of style to your garden area. If you want a new design, you can always get a replacement slipcover but it has 1,000 hours of U/V protection. The only problem is that my daughter loves bean bag chairs so she always jumps on this before I can. It’s super comfy, the most important factor when thinking about seating for your meditation garden. Majestic Home Goods Lounger

Flowers: lavender, herb garden

Woodstock Chimes Mirror Chime and Zenergy Chakra Chime are high quality and gorgeous. Each of the 7 rods of the Zenergy Chakra Chime are tuned to the related frequency of a different chakra. Tapping a rod with the mallet provided and focusing all of your thoughts on that tone can help maintain good energy flow within your body. This chime comes with the genuine stones associated with each chakra. These can be placed next to the corresponding rod or held as the rod is played. Ancient Hindu beliefs say the secret to our happiness and well-being lies within. There are 7 major energy centers in our body – the 7 chakras – and each one vibrates at its own frequency. When they are all vibrating correctly, all the energy in our body is in balance and we will enjoy good physical, mental and spiritual health. The mirrored chime offers a subtle (not obnoxious) sound and a strong sparkling reflection in the sun.

Buddha Teas are certified organic. I’m drinking the Turmeric Ginger variety as I type this. A lot of teas on the market might taste delicious (cough, Teavana…I do love them though not gonna lie). But they use many additives and artificial junk. Buddha uses bleach free tea bags and no extra ‘hidden’ ingredients. We all know how amazing green tea is for us, Buddha’s Cranberry Green Tea is a sweet and unique variety with a bit of tart tanginess.

    Roots Melt Warmer Seeking Balance is the best replacement for using candles. I like it even better actually. Flameless operation and their scents are very concentrated. I have the whole entire line of Seeking Balance melts and use them every single night. Meditate is my favorite one if you’re having trouble deciding. The powerful blue color and mix of citrus and myrhh promote mental clarity and relaxation. But I haven’t tried one scent I don’t like!

Pema Chodron books, the subject  of the book above sounds super heavy but it doesn’t read that way at all! She has a graceful, positive tone throughout and encourages her readers to promote wisdom, compassion and change. The overall theme of her book is bringing order and control in chaos (aka everyday life). A yoga teacher reccomended this as her top pick and I’m surprised how much I really enjoyed it!


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