Floral Perfume – Ineke Hothouse Flower


{Summer} It’s all about the florals – fig, rose, tulips. This purple bottle is the perfect floral scent that is NOT overpowering or musky. It literally smells like fresh cut grass and summer nights. IneKE is a classically-trained perfumer creating original fragrances in her independent studio in San Francisco, she creates all of her perfumes in small batches.

Top Notes: Earl Grey Tea, Green Foliage, Cypress;

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Galbanum, Fig, Frankincense;

Base Notes: Guaiacwood, Musk, Corn Silk.

During the tedious process of cleaning, I spritz a bit of this to mark each room/area as “complete” before moving onto the next. By the time I’m done, it smells like I purchased fresh bouquets of flowers. It doubles as a perfume + a nice little room spray.


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